Minna Weurlander-accordionAccordion virtuoso Minna Weurlander was born and raised in Finland. Music brought her to Sweden where she is active as a concert accordionist and composer. She works with everything from symphony orchestras to contemporary, experimental dance and theater along with film productions, among others:

  • Vertavo String Quartet/NOR
  • Pomona String Quartet/SWE
  • Amanda Quartet/SWE



Minna frequently experiments with the accordion’s various sonorities, its percussive qualities and massive sound.

She master many different kind of music styles and fields; from classics like Bach and Scarlatti to contemporary accordion music like Sofia Gubaidulina´s. From opera to  world music, Tango Nuevo  and Russian accordion music. Her  music and is  heavily influenced by the Russian and Finnish accordion tradition and of course by the Argentine Tango.

Her technical skills together with her expressive way of palying is an outstanding  combination. 

During 2012-2013 she was an  accordionist in residence  at Malmö Opera and Music Theatre. She has written music to many theatre and film producions in Sweden and in Denmark. Among these “Dreyer, The Tyrannical Dane” (Lynch Company DK) and “Frida K” (Theatre Sagohuset in Lund). During the last ten years she has been touring  in  Europe and Scandinavia and appeared multiple times on the Swedish National Radio and TV.  

Minna has previously released two solo albums, “Usva” and “Señora del Destino”, albums “Entwined” and “INFINITY” with Duo Naranjo-Weurlander and album “TRIO FATALE” with her former trio. Duo Naranjo-Weurlander is one of Scandinavian most successfull crossover ensambles. Minna plays and composes  together with Chilean concert pianist Tania Naranjo now touring worldwide.  www.duonaranjoweurlander.com


Minna started playing when she was only four years old and att the age of 14 she entered the youth education at Sibelius Academy in Helsinki. She   finished  her soloist education  at Sibelius Academy  1997 as one of the youngest accordion mastergraduates ever .

She has taken MasterClasses with legendary French accordionist  Marcel Azzolla and pianist  Lina Bosatti, accordonist and compocer Richard Galliano and world-famous Russian accordion virtuoso and professor Friedrich Lips .

The public interest for Minna Weurlanders talents rose early. During her education she toured frequently, winning competitions in Finland and abroad. Among these Premio Internationale ASTOR PIAZZOLLA and CIA international accordion competition.

Minna has been also working as an accordionist and composer with the Danish “one of a kind on the Danishand performance scene” dancechoreographer and dancer Anders Christiansen on  four different performances in Copenhagen.

Minna is supported by the Swedish Arts Council, the Swedish Arts Grants Committee, the Swedish Performing Arts  Agency, Statens Musikverk, Region Skåne Kultur and Sten K Johnssons Stiftelse.




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