Previous productions

2022 Minna Weurlander with Jönköping Sinfonietta. Conductor Emil Eliasson. Music by Minna Weurlander, orchestration MATS HÅLLING

CIRCU DAYS AND NIGHTS by Philip Glass 2021 at Malmö Opera. Accordionist and ensemble leader. REVIEWS

TANGO DELIRIUM- 2019-2022. Accordionist, ensemble leader, production, arrangements.

“The Ape Star” movie. Original filmscore by Minna Weurlander (cocomposer T.Naranjo) LEE film. World premiere 2021. Licensed music: Karelian Lights, Spin, Ensam, 11th hour by M.Weurlander.

Minna Weurlander with Malmö Symphony Orchestra 2021. Conductor Ingar Heine Bergby. Music by Minna Weurlander, orchestration MATS HÅLLING.

2020, Release “GLOW” Weurlander & Pomona String Quartet. Music by Kurt Weill, Saul Cosentino, Weurlander…

composer /accordionist theatre music “Den sjätte kontinenten” Lund 2018. “Ensam och Esmeralda” by Martina Montelius , Lund 2019.

Fiddler on the roof at Malmö Opera 2019-2020. Accordionist

With Ciurlionis String Quartet dec. 2018 at Vilnius Filharmonija

2015,Chamber opera “Den djupaste platsen” by Daniel Hjorth, accordionist. Tour in Denmark and Sweden.

Tora: Isabel Piganiol
Henry: Magnus Vigilius
David: Martin Vanberg
Gråsparven: Josefine Andersson
Vargen/Ulven: Sebastian Durán
Råttan/Rotten: Merete Sveistrup Keybord: Madeleine Sjöstrand
Accordeon: Minna Weurlander
Cello: Gerda Holmquist
Basklarinet: Niclas Gustafsson


Producer/accordionist. Malmö Concert Hall, Växjö Concert Hall, Nybrokajen 11 Stockholm, Västerås Concert Hall, Hässleholm Concert Hall. Swedish Television/”Veckans Konsert”. Production MWMusica

Weurlander & Pomona String Quartet, premiere 2017.

Malmö Chamber

Minna Weurlander with Vertavo String Quartet, 2016 Malmö Chamber

April 2012 Danish feature film festival CPH PIX and Lynch Company presented the World Premiere of Stuart Lynch’s film-theatre work ‘Dreyer, The Tyrannical Dane’ – a tribute to a director labeled both a tyrannical sadist, a misunderstood genius and one of the World’s greatest filmmakers ever. Accordionist and composer.

Accordionist inrecidence at Malmö Opera, 2012-2013.

Duo Naranjo-Weurlander with  Stockholm Symphonic Wind Orchestra 2016

Gåvan” at Malmö Opera, accordionist, 2012.

Senora del destino CD

Minna Weurlander-accordeon solo “Señora del destino” 2009. MWmusica


“Accordion” Dance performance by Anders Christiansen , Stillleben production Denmark. Premiere 2011 at Københavns Musikteater. Accordion/composition/on stage

Theater performance “FRIDAK” Lund 2007, composer and accordionist.

INFINITY, Duo Naranjo-Weurlander, 2017 is a journey through their musical roots, as well as a collection of original compositions reflecting their individual lives and experiences. Through a constant search for new expression in delivery and composition, the Duo have created their own unique sound and genre. Their music is deeply personal – full of lust and nostalgia, virtuosity and restraint – creating a landscape of sound that presents the listener with an almost cinematic experience. After their first album – Entwined – the Duo have been touring extensively in and outside of Europe, performing at a large array of international venues. From world renowned concert halls and theaters to  jazz clubs – their powerful performances and compositions have impressed audiences and critics the world over. They have appeared multiple times on Swedish National Radio and television.


Still LifeDance performance by Anders Christiansen , Stillleben production Denmark. Premiere 2006.

“Svävande Damen” at Malmö Opera/accordionist 2015

Andrejs längtan at Malmö Opera, music by Georg Riedel, accordionist and bandmaster 2012-2013

“Nonsense” at Malmö Opera, accordionist 2012

Troll i kulisserna” at Malmö Opera, accordionist, arrangements, ensemble leader 2011.


“Respect” Dance performance by Anders Christiansen , Stillleben production Denmark. Premiere 2006 in Copenhagen. Accordionist.

VARIÉTÉ by Mauricio Kagel at Malmö Opera, accordionist and ensemble leader  2002-2003 and 2008. Tourleader Germany/Norway


En stor hvid hundDance performance by Anders Christiansen , Stillleben production Denmark. Premiere 1999.

“ENTWINED” with Duo Naranjo-Weurlander, 2013     http://www

Duo Naranjo-Weurlander is a cross-border duo in a broad sense. Although their music originates from two different cultures, there are more things that unite than separate them. The intensity, the power, the melancholy and the expressive phrasings are a common feature in their music. They have ability to rapidly vacillate from duo playing into functioning as one body with a seemingly common thought and direction. Through a large number of concerts they know each other’s instincts so well that they simply let the music flow. Maybe each of them has found her musical soul mate. Maybe the music is a universal language that unites more than it separates.Entwined is the duo’s first album, consisting mostly of their own compositions.

Trio Fatale 1999-2009.

Minna Weurlander, Berit Johansen-Tange, Berit Hessing

Minna Weurlander-accordeon solo “USVA” 1999.

Foto: Ilkka Häikiö

KONSERTSPEKRAKEL 2014 with DUO NARANJO-WEURLANDER. Accordion /composition : Minna Weurlander. Piano/compositon: Tania Naranjo. Production: MWMusica

Fillttofflan och Halmhatten at Malmö Opera, accordionist, 2003.

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