”GLOW” Weurlander & Pomona String Quartet

”…Weurlander med kvartett tolkar kompositioner av argentinarna Piazzolla och Saúl Cosentino (Piazzollas adept) samt sånger av Kurt Weill, blandat med Weurlanders egna kompositioner. Musiken går rakt in i hjärteroten och skakar om på ett intensivt härligt vis. Kurt Weills Tango-Habanera och Tango-Ballad i arrangemang av Weurlander och samtliga skivans Saúl Cosentino-kompositioner spelas genomgående med sådan glöd att passionen blir till en vällustig och samtidigt nästan fysiskt smärtsam lyssnarupplevelse. Har väl aldrig tidigare behövt pausa mitt i en låt för att hämta andan! Underbart…” LIRA

“…Oh my, I usually tend to find suitable headlines for reviews but this was a tough one. Excellent, breathtaking, amazing, strange, unbelievable…” SRD

“She plays music that lives, bubbles and constantly moves. “Sydsvenska Dagbladet

”RESPEKT” for 5 women with sticks, chairs and gaffa tape/Concept, choreography: Anders Christiansen

The fifth is the Finnish accordion player Minna Weurlander. Wrapped up in mummy-like, frayed clothes, with bare legs like the four other women, she makes one think of the graceful excess of the flesh with her instrument. The muscle behind the skin knows nothing of what it produces. Whether it makes steel rollers, dance, or a winding melody, it works patiently together with the muscles around it. It is the mere pleasure of this sight we are to experience. Slow down, Christiansen seems to say, and turn the aesthetic sensuality up, up high.

“César Franck’s music roars with virtuosity from Minna Weurlander’s accordion as a prelude to Anders Christiansen’s new dance piece Respekt at Dansescenen. And great respect for the lovely Finnish musician who has also performed in earlier works by Anders Christiansen. Jyllandsposten

“ACCORDION” Concept, choreography and dance: Anders Christiansen
Accordion: Minna Weurlander

”…The performance’s musical focal point is the Finnish accordion player, Minna Weurlander, who is a superb co-actor on stage. With her compact physical presence, she drags all manner of sounds out of her instrument, and supplies a strongly poetic accompanying universe that ranges from a hissing iron lung to a reverberating religious organ and from panic-stricken pumping arteries to a whistling, weightless glider.

”…The accordion is played, banged and sampled live on stage with awesome finger equilibrium. Included is a passion for tango, waltz and folk dance as well as the admonishing monolithic new compositions of Jakob Brandt-Pedersen. Minna Weurlander is something of a high priestess of death as she sits with her long legs covered in a black and white or rose-patterned body stocking and with a long-necked ribbed ruff and strappy high heeled boots…” Maibrit Hjelmsbo Weekendavisen

”FRIDA K”(Theater)

“Nadja Bogazzi ÄR Frida Kahlo…I en egensinnig dans som böljar fram och tillbaka mellan rusig livsglädje och tungsinne, bitterhet och ren fysisk smärta lyckas hon fånga Kahlos mångbottnade person på ett sätt man knappast väntar sig av en tidsmässig anspråkslös liten tvåaktare… poetiskt, tätt och suggestivt. Den enkla och rättframma texten smälter samman med Marta Cicionesis smått geniala scenografi och Minna Weurlanders underbara accordeonmusik, och resultatet blir en närmast häpnadsväckande klockren tonträff…” Skånska Dagbladet

“Accordeonisten Minna Weurlander fungerar inte bara som musiker utan som en karaktär i sig. Med sitt instrument blir hon en motröst, en kör och en språngbräda in i berättelsen. Samspelet mellan Weurlander och Bogazzi är fint balanserat men inte utan temprament. Det är tillsammans de gestaltar Frida Kahlo, och inte som ackompanjatör och recitatör.” Kvällsposten

Minna Weurlander soloaccordion    “She plays so tight and varied that her accordion sounds like a full orchestra. But only when it is played by the right set of hands, like       accordionist Minna Weurlanders.” SvD

stjärnor“ …great respect for the lovely Finnish  musician..” Jyllands-Posten

Duo Naranjo-Weurlander INFINITY“…Duo’s debut album, Entwined, received great reviews and resulted tours and musical collaborations with theaters, radio, film and symphony orchestras worldwide. The swedish-based duo, with chilean pianist Tania Naranjo and the accordionist Minna Weurlander, from finland, is now continuing their interlased music creation with great intensity into the next album, Infinity, which is as infinitely challenging and cross-border as the title suggests…”Lira Music Magazine

 “…In their skilled hands the combination of piano and accordion is very fine and interesting. The piano’s impact sound and the singing of the melodious accordion contrasts each other, and  they melt together astonishingly beautifully..” Finnish Accordion Institute

“… The two musicians are exquisitely skilled instrumentalists and they convey their music forward with deftness … alternating heavyness and sharpness and indicating certain sadness …”Orkesterjournalen

” …Fine performances and interesting ideas.…it´s in moments when the fire or pathos of tango come to the surface that it gets nearest to taking flight…With its closing drama of pounding piano and high-piches accordion, is enjoyably dramatic…” Songline Magazine



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